Who we are, and what do we do?

Based in the City of Cape Town, we specialize in sport and fitness training. We make it a point to accommodate all people from all walks of life. This also ranges from children to professional athletes. We are extremely passionate and focused about people being active, healthy, and developing the proper techniques when training. As sport lovers, we are extremely passionate about sport, and are always ready to help our clients improve their skills and strengths in different sporting codes. 

Consideration and understanding are some of the values needed for a successful intervention when training with a person. Therefore, we make it our goal to first know where you are, and where you want to be. Thereafter, we give each person the individual guidance they need in order to exceed their potential, and most importantly, achieve their goal!

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In-Person Training 

Work with a personal trainer and achieve your wellness goal, all in the comfort of your own home, or a nearby park or beach.  

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Online Training

Get the results you deserve, through virtual training. Wherever you in the world, whatever the goal, we've simply got you covered! 

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Group Classes

Maintain your fitness and sign up for our affordable group classes, all designed just for you!

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Sport coaching

Join any of our courses to develop your skill set, in a professional and positive environment, and be on top of your game.

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We are definately the one's you can count on! Trust the process!